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Component status is displayed as not licensed

Updated: November 9, 2017


The component status is displayed as Not Licensed in the web interface even when you have an unlimited (ALX) SAM license. The license details on the web interface also display zero for unlicensed component monitors.


SAM 6.4


  1. Using the OrionServers table in the database, make sure that the primary polling engine, additional polling engines, and the additional web server are all in the same version including their hotfixes.
  2. Make sure that the additional polling engines are up.
  3. option #2:  See if there are any errors in the ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\Orion\BusinessLayerHost.log
  4. Are the nodes pointing to incorrect engine ids? For example, all nodes are pointing to engine 1, however, the only poller that is recognized is in the AllEngines table as engine 2.  In this case, the component count in License Details would be 0
  5. Stop services on the primary poller, AWS and APE. Then restart the services, making sure that the primary poller comes up first and is successful before starting up the rest of the parts.


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