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Cannot add WMI node - Test failed

Created by Zoltán Jalsovszky, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Dec 27, 2018

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updated 27 Dec, 2018


You are trying to add a Windows machine using WMI + ICMP polling method. When you click on Test Credentials you receive a Test failed error message.


You are sure that you are using the correct username/password and when you test the connection using wbemtest.exe, it is successful.


  • All SAM versions
  • All NPM versions
  • Windows OS


  • If you are using a domain account, a missing domain name can cause the test to fail.
  • Reverse DNS for the target node is not working as expected from Orion Server(or poller it is being added to).


Cause 1 Solution:

  1. Edit the credentials that you are trying to use (Settings > Manage Windows Credentials).
  2. Enter the username in the DOMAIN\username format.


Cause 2 Solution:

Solarwinds performs a reverse DNS lookup on the target node before processing WMI queries. During the process, an erroneous interface might be preventing the registration of A record and associated PTR records. Ensure DNS resolution (Forward and reverse) is working for the node in question.


Other likely causes for WMI communication problems include port/Firewall restrictions on WMI/RPC ports. Check this post for more details



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