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Application dependency agent plug-ins in SAM do not deploy if automatic agent updates are disabled

Updated March 14, 2019


If the Allow automatic agent updates option is not enabled on the Agent Settings page, SAM cannot deploy agent plug-ins to server nodes when Application Dependency polling detects a connection between an application and a node. The status of the agent changes to "Plug-in update required" on the Manage Agents page.


update agent.png


  • SAM 6.6 and later


By default, the Allow Automatic Agent Updates option is enabled on the Settings > All Settings > Product Specific Settings > Agent Settings page. Application Dependency polling is also enabled by default so that SAM can poll agent-monitored nodes to detect connections between applications, application processes and nodes.

SAM deploys agent plug-ins to agent-monitored nodes when Application Dependency polling detects an interaction between an application and/or application process and a node. Although most Orion Platform agents are deployed in advance, application dependency agent plug-ins are deployed immediately if an application-to-node connection is found.

If the Allow Automatic Agent Updates option is disabled on the Agent Settings page in the Orion Web Console, SAM cannot deploy agent plug-ins to server nodes and the status of the agent appears as "Plug-in update required" on the Manage Agents page.


To resolve this issue for future agent plug-in updates, consider enabling the Allow Automatic Agent Updates option on the Agent Settings page. Otherwise, you can update agent plug-ins manually in the Orion Web Console.

  1. Navigate to the Settings > All Settings > Manage Agents page.
  2. Select the agent(s) and click More Actions > Update.
You can also use the Group Policy Administrative template, 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\SolarWinds\Agent, to enable automatic agent updates. See the Orion Agent Active Directory Group Policy Administrative Template blog post in the SolarWinds online IT community, THWACK, for details.
Warning: SolarWinds strongly recommends that you back up your registry before making any edits to your system registry. You should only edit the registry if you are experienced and confident in doing so. Using a registry editor incorrectly can cause serious issues with your operating system, which could require you to reinstall your operating system to correct them. SolarWinds cannot guarantee resolutions to any damage resulting from making registry edits.
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