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AppInsight for SQL shows critical for Orion database index fragmentation

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Created by Mandeville, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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When using SAM to monitor the Orion database instance, it is showing as critical for SolarWinds index Fragmentation.

What does this mean and is it important to address?


  • SAM v6.0 or later versions
  • Any Orion database version


When drilling into the Orion database if monitored by AppInsight for SQL, you may see some critical alerts for the index fragmentation similar to the screenshot below.



This is a normal behavior. As we build out new daily tables and move the data to our summary tables, there will always be fragmentation on the indexes for those objects until we run our database maintenance to rebuild the indexes.

If the desired behavior is to not see these as critical, the component can be disabled for indexes or thresholds can be set to essentially 100%. The recommendation is to disable this one component within AppInsight for SQL for the Orion database monitor.


Disable index fragmentation component:

Navigate to the specific application monitor and click Edit Application Monitor.

Scroll down to the component list and expand Top Indexes for Database.

Click on the override Template button to the right of the Enable/Disable option which will then show a dropdown.

Choose Disable, then scroll to the bottom and click Submit.

Note: It will take a few minutes to clear the critical alerts and flags as we have to get through at least one poll and update the database to reflect this new change in the web console.






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