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AppInsight for SQL Performance Counter Not Found

Updated: 9-28-2017


If AppInsight for SQL cannot find a performance counter on a monitored system, an error message may appear in SAM logs, or the AppInsight for SQL page and related resources may display "Performance counter not found" errors as shown in the following code example and screenshot.   


WARN SolarWinds.APM.Probes.PerformanceCounters.MultiCounterHelper - Counter failed. Target:, Instance:, Category:Memory, Counter:Pages/Sec, ErrorCode:Unhandled, OSError:0x80131500. Message: Unable to collect WMI mapping information for given category value: Memory and counter: Pages/Sec for target:





  • All SAM versions
  • AppInsight for SQL


Check for counters

To resolve this issue, start by checking for counters on the SQL database that is monitored by AppInsight for SQL (not the Orion SQL database). 

  1. Access the monitored SQL database that displays the error message.
  2. Run this query to verify if counters exist in the database:
    RTRIM(object_name) as Category,
    RTRIM(counter_name) as [Counter],
    RTRIM(instance_name) as Instance,
    cntr_value as RawValue,
    cntr_type as CounterType
FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters
ORDER BY CASE cntr_type WHEN 1073939712 THEN -1 ELSE cntr_type END

Query results should resemble this example:




If the query returns no values, the issue may be related to your SQL Server installation. Contact Microsoft Support.


Try using the Instance name column to find the name of the missing database and its associated counter. If no databases exist for the counter, then the errors described above are valid and you'll need to work with your DBA and/or Microsoft to resolve the issue.

Remove Startup Parameter to allow script to  create performance counters

During the initial configuration of SQL Server for the SQL database monitored by AppInsight for SQL, performance counters may have been disabled to reduce SQL overhead. If so, some diagnostics such as parameter "-x" will not be available, as shown in the next screenshot. 


Try using SQL Server Configuration Manager to remove Startup Parameters so the script included in the Check for counters section can create performance counters. 


  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager for the SQL database that is monitored by AppInsight for SQL (not the Orion SQL database).
  2. In SQL Server Configuration Manager, click SQL Server Services.
  3. In the details pane, right-click SQL Server (<instancename>), and then click Properties.

  4. Switch to the Startup Parameters tab and examine properties for that service.



  1. Remove the Startup Parameter.
  2. Reboot the SQL Server.
  3. Run the script in the Check for counters section.
  4. Check to see if performance counters were created.


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