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AppInsight for IIS is Unknown

Updated February 28, 2018


This article describes an Issue where Appinsight for IIS when polled via the Agent will appear as unknown and not return any of the important statistics users are looking for.


  • All Versions of SAM
  • All Versions of Windows


  • This is a permissions issue and can be caused by any number of environmental reasons which are out of the control of SolarWinds.
  • The Orion Agent runs under the Microsoft built in Service Account 'LocalSystem' which typically has all the required permissions of accessing items such as the registry or performance counters.


  1. On the Node Running IIS, open SolarWinds.APM.BlackBox.Iis.Jobs.log. By default, this is located in: C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\Logs\APM
  2. Check the Exception in the Log. It will be similar to:
    Value for MajorVersion cannot be retrieved from key HKLM:Software\Microsoft\InetStp
  3. If the issue is still occurring after you inspect the key and verify that all the permissions are set correctly, try editing the account which the Orion Agent Service is running under:
    1. Open Services.msc.
    2. Locate 'Solarwinds Agent'.
    3. Right-click anad select Properties.
    4. Select Log on.
    5. Provide Credentials to a local admin account.
  4. Go back to the SolarWinds Web Console and and click Configure Server again and allow the wizard to complete entirely.
  5. If you are still having issues after completing the previous steps, please open a ticket with SolarWinds Support.





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