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AppInsight for IIS - Polling produces error: Unexpected token

Created by Tiarnan Stacke, last modified by Caroline Juszczak on Aug 02, 2018

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AppInsight for IIS polling produces an error similar to the following

Unexpected token 'xXBN*' $uri = 'https: //'
$uriTemplate = '' $configurationName = 'Microsoft.PowerShell'
$retryConnectUsingFdqn = $False
$macroMissingWindowsCredentials = 'IisPowerShellMissingWindowsCredentials'
$macroUnableConnect = 'IisUnableConnectWinRmWindows'
$macroSessionsDepleted = 'IisSessionsDepletedWinRmWindows'
$macroSessionClosed = 'IisSessionClosedWinRmWindows'
$sessWsman = SwiGetPsSession $ip $login $uri $password


Server & Application Monitor 6.2+


A single quote is is not a valid character to be used in the Username/Password of the credentials used for polling.


Change the credentials being used for polling to not use the special character single quote (').


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