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AppInsight for IIS: HTTP 401 Error on Site Bindings Monitor

Created by Tiarnan Stacke, last modified by Shane Horgan on Oct 31, 2018

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An HTTP 401 error appears in the Site Bindings Monitor within AppInsight for IIS for websites which are hosted on the monitored IIS server.


SAM v6.2 and later


The website has an authentication prompt and the credentials being used for the polling of AppInsight for IIS does not have the relevant permissions to be able to login to the website and gain access.


  • To fix this
    - Go to your Application Details page for the Microsoft IIS application
    - Locate the resource 'Sites' on this page
    - Click your website which is reporting the invalid HTTP / HTTPs Bindings monitor
    - On this page - In the top right corner click 'Edit Thresholds'


You will be brought to page where you see components such as


  • Now Find the two components - HTTP & HTTPs bindings monitor & expand them
  • Provide a valid service account credential which can log into the website & validate the bindings.




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