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AppInsight for Exchange connection troubleshooting

Updated October 12, 2016


This article overviews how to troubleshoot a Test failed error or other errors when testing credentials in AppInsight for Exchange.


SAM 6.2 and later


The cause of a Test failed, Access Denied, Network path not found, etc. error when testing credentials can vary from environment to environment.

Permissions for the credentials are one of the more common causes. See the AppInisght for Exchange requirements and permissions topic for more information.


  1. Resolutions for the most common error messages can be found in the Troubleshoot error codes in AppInsight for Exchange article.

  2. If the article linked above does not fix the error, you can attempt to replace the "${IP}" in the PowerShell - Exchange URL: "https://${IP}/powershell/" with the hostname



3. After replacing the "${IP}" with the hostname, hit "test connection" to see if the results are different.

4. If you get a different error, that is a good sign. You may have to "poll now" on the application and wait 5-10 minutes for the poll to come through before things begin to function.

5. If things do not begin to function after that time look in the APM logs for the application id for that AppInsight for Exchange application after turning on debugging (Advanced -> Override template -> Debug) and doing a few "poll now"s.

6. If all else fails manually run through the steps for configuring the exchange server - Manually configuring the Exchange server.



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