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Alerts not triggered for IIS application pool

Updated December 15, 2017


SAM alerts were not triggered for an IIS application pool for a website that was down. 


  • SAM 6.0 and later


This issue can occur if two websites are connected to the same server but one is up and the other is down. The IP address for each site on the server is identical but the "Host" header property specifies a different folder for each virtual website. When SAM checks the IP address and detects that a website is functioning, it will not generate an alert.


To determine the status of different websites on the same server, use the following PowerShell scripts to simulate responses from a server. Replace variables with website URLs, as necessary:

For site "website URL A":
$Request = [Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create('http://IP ADDRESS/')
$Request.Host = "website URL A"

For site "website URL B"
$Request = [Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create('http://IP ADDRESS/')
$Request.Host = "website URL B"



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