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Configure SAM to send alerts via text messages

Created by Kevin Twomey, last modified by christopher.roy on Oct 15, 2018

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Updated October 15, 2018


This article describes how to configure SolarWinds SAM to send text alerts to mobile devices via Short Message Service (SMS) text messages.

  • The easiest method is to set up your SMS number to accept emails that then get sent as text messages.
    This needs to be discussed with your cell phone provider.



All versions of SAM


NotePager Pro

There is a 3rd party vendor that provides SMS services (at a charge).


Note: This is not a SolarWinds product.


NotePager Pro integration method is the most popular for non-Internet delivered SMS messaging within Orion.

NotePager Pro is supported by SolarWinds Support. NotePager Pro can be purchased from the following link:


The following page on the NotePage website discusses integration between NotePager Pro and the Orion Platform:

PageGate and Other SMS Software

  • PageGate is the big Brother of NotePager Pro, but we currently only supportNotePager Pro.
  • You might find this post useful:
  • There is no direct connection between the Orion Platform and PageGate, so you have to set up Orion to send email when an alert is triggered.
  • The easiest way to do that is to make an email address on your mail server, and have the Orion Platform send all its alerts to that.
  • At certain intervals, use POP3 to poll that email account. With PageGate you then set up and every time PageGate finds an email in there, it relays it to the GSM modem.

No Cost Method

If you want to do it for no charge using our product the instructions are below:


  • Set up an alert within Network Performance Monitor and add a "Send E-Mail/Page Message" action to the alert.
  • Then in the email address, enter your cell phone number and email gateway.
  • Each cell phone company has email gateways for forwarding SMS messages from an email server.




You may need to contact your cell phone provider for the domain name of their email gateway.


Here is a list that might help. Otherwise, contact your mobile phone vendor directly. It includes TAP Numbers for USA, and most of UK Vendors. Browse A-Z for your vendor.


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