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After adding an application in SAM, the Initial Poll in Progress takes a long time

Updated October 26th, 2017


When a new application is submitted for monitoring, the dashboard displays a message "Initial poll in Progress" for a long time.


  • All releases of SAM


This can occur because the Poller is overloaded.



  1. Make sure that the test of the credentials in the application works.  If it doesn't, then fix the issue so that a test is successful.  This can be caused by lack of permission or incorrect username/password to name a few.
  2. Test to make sure that one or more of the components completes successfully.
  3. Submit the Application.
  4. If the initial poll does not complete within a reasonable timeframe, check the component count on the polling engine.   One can do this by going to Settings -> All Settings -> Database Details (at the bottom) -> Total elements per Poller (at the bottom)  The recommended maximum amount of components for SAM before going to another polling engine is 8-10,000 components.
  5. Also keep in mind SAM components and NPM Elements are weighted the same so the magic number we're looking for is the total cummulative value of both NPM elements + SAM components
  6. Most Job Engines will become saturated and overworked when the total of both NPM + SAM exceeeds around 10-12k (Elements + Components
  7. Another good way to crunch the math on this is by going to Settings -> All Settings -> Polling Engines > and then by adding up each individual section - for example ROUTING POLLING RATE (Polling %) + HARDWARE HEALTH POLLING RATE (Polling %) + POLLING RATE (polling %) + SAM APPLICATION POLLING RATE (Polling %)  etc and see if the combined percentages add up to and exceed 100%


If using SAM 6.3 or earlier, use the following KB article to get a count:


You can also use the link above for SQL to help balance the component polling between polling engines.




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