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Add an Azure Active Directory app for cloud monitoring in the Orion Platform

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Updated: November 30, 2017


This article describes how to add an Active Directory (AD) app in the Azure Portal to provide access to the Orion Platform when it polls Azure for VM status and metrics. An Azure AD app is not an "application" in the traditional sense. It is an access point with a set of permissions that allows an external application or service, such as the Orion Platform, to connect to the Azure Portal.

Depending on how Azure subscriptions and permissions are configured, an account may require an Owner or User Access Administrator role with Microsoft.Authorization/*/Write access to add an Azure AD app for the Orion Platform with a Reader role. The Azure AD app must be configured to allow read-access to the Orion Platform so it can poll Azure for status and metrics. 

For Microsoft-specific details, see Integrating applications with Azure Active Directory.

To add an Azure AD app for the Orion Platform:

  1. Log into the Azure Portal.
  2. Click Azure Active Directory > Click App registrations > New application registration.


  3. In the Create pane, enter a Name for the AD app.

    Use a recognizable name such as Orion, SAM, or SolarWinds.

  4. Select Web app/API as the Application type.
  5. Enter a properly formatted URL, such as

    The actual URL does not matter, but the format must be valid.


  6. Click Create to display the AD app in the App registrations pane, as shown here:


  7. Click the Display Name of new AD app to display registration details.


  8. Record the Application ID for use as the Client/Application ID in the Orion Web Console.

  9. Generate an Application Secret Key to use when adding an Azure account to the Orion Platform.

    1. Click All settings > Keys to open the Keys pane.
    2. Enter a Description of the key
    3. For the Duration, select Never expires.
    4. Click Save to display data in the Value field — the value that appears is the Application Secret Key.

  10. Record characters in the Value field for use as the Application Secret Key in the Orion Web Console.

See also Configure Microsoft Azure cloud monitoring in the Orion Platform.

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