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Increase the displayed rows in a report

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Created by William Muhle, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on how you can change the number of displayed results within various resources that are utilized in reports. Most of them are default set to a smaller number, but this might not always give you the amount of information that you are looking for from a single page.


All versions of Orion products


The hardest part of doing this is figuring out which of the ascx file you need to edit. For example, there is the resource for Active Application Alerts. The resources are all located within the Inetpub/solarwinds\orion directory, but they can be in various sub folders. Thus, it helps to have an idea of what the resources is that you are using. Once you have found it, do a search for the file (with the above example you can do a search for Active, or Alerts and get a much smaller chunk to look through).

Once you have found the files, there will be a line within the config file for rows displayed that you can change to up to 250. That will increase the amount of returned results shown. Again, using the above example and doing a search for Active, it was only a few seconds to find the related file:





File found:



Line to edit:                

rowsPerPage = 250;


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02:55, 23 Jun 2016