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How to display all components polled for each polling engine

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Updated: December 18, 2017


This article describes how to run an SQL query that displays all components polled for each polling engine. This value is usually higher than the licensed component count displayed in the user interface. 


All SAM versions


  1. Log in to the Orion Server.
  2. Open Database Manager.
  3. Run the following query:
    SELECT Count(ccs.ApplicationID) Component_Count, e.EngineID, ae.ServerName, ae.ServerType
    FROM [dbo].[APM_CurrentComponentStatus] ccs
    JOIN [APM_Applications] ap ON ccs.ApplicationID = ap.ID
    JOIN [Nodes] node ON ap.NodeID = node.NodeID
    JOIN [Engines] e ON node.EngineID = e.EngineID
    JOIN [AllEngines] ae ON ae.EngineID = e.EngineID
    GROUP BY  e.EngineID, ae.ServerName, ae.ServerType
    ORDER BY Component_Count


The following example query determines if there are a large number of components in a single monitor type (such as AppInsight monitors): 

SELECT Count(*) AS 'num'
  FROM [APM_CurrentComponentStatus]
WHERE ApplicationID in (select ID from [dbo].[APM_Application]
WHERE Name like '%iis%')
ORDER BY num desc;


The following query lists the application IDs that are polling a large number of components: 

SELECT ccs.ApplicationID, ap.Name, Count(ccs.ApplicationID) Component_Count, node.Caption, e.EngineID FROM [dbo].[APM_CurrentComponentStatus] ccs
JOIN [APM_Applications] ap on ccs.ApplicationID = ap.ID
JOIN [Nodes] node on ap.NodeID = node.NodeID
JOIN [Engines] e on node.EngineID = e.EngineID
GROUP BY ap.Name, ccs.ApplicationID, node.Caption, e.EngineID
ORDER BY Component_Count DESC



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