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Home > Success Center > Server & Application Monitor (SAM) > HTTP Bindings monitor 401 authentication error when changing authentication settings in Configuration Wizard

HTTP Bindings monitor 401 authentication error when changing authentication settings in Configuration Wizard

Updated 9-1-2016


The HTTP Binding monitor stops working with a 401 authentication error when changing the authentication setting using the Configuration Wizard on an agent-polled AppInsight for IIS node. The monitor stops working when running the Configuration Wizard and selecting Windows authentication, when the node has an agent installed with No-Manual authentication set. To resolve, you need to set a domain user to the Credentials Library and modify the credentials for the HTTP Bindings through AppInsight for IIS for all sites or per site.




  • SAM 6.3 and earlier



Changing the authentication through the Configuration Wizard Website step with an agent already installed causing authentication issues. There is a workaround to resolve.


To resolve, you need to do the following:

  1. You will need a domain user account with access to the affected IIS sites through HTTP.
  2. Click Settings > SAM settings > Global SAM Settings > Credentials Library. Add the user to credential library in Orion.
  3. Open AppInsight for IIS and click Edit Application settings.
  4. Locate the HTTP Bindings Monitor.
  5. Set Credentials for monitoring to the added domain user. This should make the HTTP monitors for all IIS sites use the domain user for authentication.

If you want to use a different user for each site's HTTP monitor, you can set it in a similar way repeating per site:

  1. Open the site details in AppInsight for IIS.
  2. Edit thresholds.
  3. Locate the HTTP Bindings monitor.
  4. Access the Credentials for Monitoring > Override Instance.
  5. Set the user account.





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