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Error when creating a new user: The settings property 'APM.' was not found

Created by William Muhle, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The following error occurs while creating a new user within the Orion website:

The settings property 'APM.' was not found.

The error appears when entering the user name and password, or after selecting the AD group. 


​SAM version 6.0 and later


The error is caused when there is a duplicate AppInsight views within the database. The AppInsight views should not be copied or duplicated as it will cause various issues.  


Warning: SolarWinds strongly recommends that you create a backup of your database. The following procedure may create permanent changes to your database.


1. Open your Database Manager and connect to your SQL server.

2. Go to the Views table and right-click, and then query the table. 

3. Run the following query:


WHERE ViewType LIKE '%Blackbox%'

4. Identify any duplicate views that  may have been created.

5. Delete the duplicate views by clicking Enable Table Editing, and then deleting the rows. 


**Please note that duplicate views may have custom names. These are the default ViewTitle you should see. All others may be duplicates. 


AppInsight for Exchange View Titles:

  • AppInsight for Exchange
  • Exchange Database
  • Exchange Mailbox
  • Exchange Mailbox Quotas
  • Exchange Performance Counter


AppInsight for IIS View Titles:

  • AppInsight for IIS 
  • IIS Application Pool
  • IIS Site
  • IIS Performance Counters


AppInsight for SQL View Titles:

  • Summary
  • Queries
  • SQL Database
  • SQL Database File
  • SQl Performance Counter



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