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Invalid Query error within component monitor

Created by Christine Magbuo, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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You are getting an invalid query error on a Job Engine component monitor.


SAM 6.0


The Performance Counters are not working and need to be rebuilt.


  1. Locate the correct monitored machine to be fixed by unmanaging all the application's polling performance counters.
    1. Open the SAM Web Console > SAM Settings > Manage template.
    2. Go to Assigned Application Monitor. 
    3. Select template.
    4. Select Unmanage.
  2. Rebuild the corrupted performance counters on the monitored machine:
    1. Open command prompt as local administrator.
    2. Run lodctr -r.
  3. Remanage Template:
    1. Open SAM Web Console
    2. Click SAM seetings > Manage template.
    3. Go to Assigned Application Monitor.
    4. Select template.
    5. Select Remanage.
  4. Restart the remote registry service under Windows services.
Last modified
02:49, 23 Jun 2016