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Home > Success Center > Server & Application Monitor (SAM) > Create advanced SQL report that shows the unmanaged Elastic Sky X (ESX) guests

Create advanced SQL report that shows the unmanaged Elastic Sky X (ESX) guests

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This article provides two ways to create an advanced SQL report showing the unmanaged Elastic Sky X (ESX) guests in NPM. 


All SAM versions


Create a SQL report using the Report Writer:

1. Click Start > All Programs > Reporting > Report Writer.

2. Click New  Report > Historical - VMWare ESX Reports > OK. 


5307 - 1.png

3. Enter a title in the Report Title field.

4. Enter the following query in the Description field:

SELECT VIM_VirtualMachines.Name as 'Guest', VIM_Hosts.HostName as 'ESX Host' FROM VIM_VirtualMachines
Inner join VIM_Hosts on VIM_VirtualMachines.Hostid=VIM_Hosts.HostID
where VIM_VirtualMachines.NodeID is null.

5307 - 2.png

5. Click Execute SQL Query.

6. Click Save.

Create a SQL report using the Web Console:

1. Click Start > SolarWinds Orion > Orion Web Console > Settings > Manage Reports.

2. Enter VMWare in the Search field. 

5307- 3.png

3. Select Historical VMWare ESX Reports, and click Edit Report. 

5307- 4.png

4. Enter a title for the report and click Add Content.

5307- 5.png

5. Select Custom Table, and then click Select and continue.

5307- 6.png

6. Select Advanced Database Query in the selection method,

7. Select SQL as the Query Type.

8.  Enter the following SQL query in the space provided, and then click Preview Results:
    SELECT VIM_VirtualMachines.Name as 'Guest', VIM_Hosts.HostName as 'ESX Host' FROM     VIM_VirtualMachines
    Inner join VIM_Hosts on VIM_VirtualMachines.Hostid=VIM_Hosts.HostID
    where VIM_VirtualMachines.NodeID is null.

5307- 7.png
9. Once the table is displayed, click Next, and then Submit.

For help on custom SQL Reporting and Scripting you can post your queries on Thwack Community Forum: Custom Reporting


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