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Create a Windows Service Monitor

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This article describes how to create and assign a Windows Service Monitor component monitor for monitoring Windows services and applications.

For detailed information on creating and managing custom templates, see the SAM Custom Template Guide.


All SAM versions


TIP! Browse Trend Micro’s documentation to determine what services are used and warrant monitoring. You can then add them to your template as desired.

TIP! The Net Service Name is the name of the service you want to monitor. You can find the Service name on Windows systems by navigating to Start > Administrative Tools > Services and then locating the desired service. Right-click the service and select Properties from the context menu. The Service name is the value of the Service name field in the Properties dialog.

  1. In the Orion Web Console, navigate to Settings > SAM Settings > Create a New Template.
  2. Enter a name for the template then click Add Component Monitor and select Windows Service Monitor. When done, click Add.
  3. Select credentials or choose to Inherit Credentials from Node.
  4. Manually enter thresholds or check, Use thresholds calculated from baseline data.
  5. Enter the Fetching Method and Net Service Name. In this example, ntrtscan is a scanning service of TrendMicro antivirus:
  6. When done, click Submit.
  7. You can optionally add additional monitors and then apply the template to a node for monitoring. For example, the following monitors were added to create the Trend Micro OfficeScan Template:


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