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Create a Windows Event Log Monitor report

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Updated: July 28, 2016


This article aims to help build a report that will provide the matches for one or more matches for a Windows Event Log Monitor.



1. Go to Settings > Manage Report.

2. Click Create New Report.

3. Select Custom Table and click SELECT AND CONTINUE.

4. Select Advanced DataBase Query (SQL, SWQL).

5. Select SQL and paste the following query:


select * from dbo.apm_windowsEvent_Detail where ComponentID IN ('{ComponentID','{ComponentID'}) AND DATEDIFF(day,TimeGeneratedUTC,getdate()) <31


Note: Replace {ComponentID} with the internal ID(s) of the Windows Event Log Monitor(s) you wish to report on.  To find the ID, simply open the Monitor's Details Page and note the number at the end of the URL in your Web Browser's address bar.



7. Click Add Column.

8. Select all of the columns and click ADD COLUMN.

9. Modify as needed and click SUBMIT.

10. Give the Report a title and click Next

11. Continue clicking Next until the wizard is complete.



Last modified
20:58, 27 Jul 2016