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AppInsight for SQL: Manage a specific database and its thresholds

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Updated May 12, 2017


AppInsight for SQL monitors all databases on an SQL Server. The threshold entered at the application or template level applies to all monitored databases. However, there are cases where you do not want to monitor certain databases (such as temp and model) or, you require a specific threshold for a monitor.


SAM 6.0 and later


  1. Log into the SolarWinds Web Console, and then go to the Summary Page.
  2. Click the AppInsight for SQL template > Database Details, or go to the Node Details page, and then click through the Application page until you get to the Database Details page.
  3. Click Unmanage to remove a database from monitoring.
  4. Click Edit Thresholds to change the thresholds for the components for a database.
  5. Verify that you are in the correct database.
  6. Click the + button to expand and change the threshold for a component.
  7. Click Override Instance for the threshold.
  8. Modify the threshold(s) according to your preference.
  9. Click SUBMIT to save and activate the changes.


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