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AppInsight for SQL: How "SQL Job Agent Info" Monitor works

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Updated March 11th, 2016


This article provides information on how AppInsight for SQL works.


All SAM versions


Following is a description of how AppInsight for SQL's "SQL Job Agent Info" Monitor currently works:


  1. The Monitor runs the following script against the SQL Server being monitored:


FROM [msdb].[dbo].[sysjobs] j
LEFT JOIN [msdb].[dbo].[sysjobactivity] a on j.job_id=a.job_id
LEFT JOIN [msdb].[dbo].[sysjobhistory] h on a.job_history_id=h.instance_id
WHERE h.step_id=0


  1. Each Job's "Run_Status" column value is reviewed.
  2. The retrieved values are reported back by the Monitor.


The possible values are:


0 = Failed
1 = Succeeded
2 = Retry
3 = Canceled
4 = In progress



  • If a job was never run, then it has a status of Available (Up)

  • If a last run was successful, the status is calculated based on the duration threshold

  • If the last run has a status of Failed, the status is set to Critical

  • If the last run has a status of Retry or Cancelled, the status is set to Warning


SAM does not poll information about the job scheduling state.


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