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AppInsight for SQL: Errors when polling via Agent


No data is being received and the following errors appear when polling via an agent.

In this case, it is particularly about CONNECT permissions to individual databases. It affects a model database by default but this can be an issue as well for custom databases created by the user. 



This means that during polling, all databases are read but some of them cannot be opened. Thus, data is not being received.

Performance counters specific to this database are being being polled without problems because they are read without the need to open the specific database. Total Size and Shrink Space are not real performance counters but they are calculated from the result of the above failing components so they are missing source data as well.


SAM version 6.2


This errors are related to default permissions for NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account under which the agent is running. These were changed between SQL 2008, 2012 and 2014.


There are several options to resolve this issue:
  • Unmanage the database where the SYSTEM account has insufficient permissions.
  • Grant SYSTEM account access to individual databases (USE database; GO; CREATE USER [NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM] FOR LOGIN [NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM])
  • Grant SYSTEM account server role which allows connection to any database (USE master; GO ALTER SERVER ROLE [sysadmin] ADD MEMBER [NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM].
  • Instead of inherit from node (for example, SYSTEM account in case of agent), provide custom credentials with sufficient rights to be used for the AppInsight application.

For more information regarding AppInsight for SQL permissions, see the AppInsight for SQL Requirements and Permissions section in the Admin Guide. The SQL account with Windows Authentication section also applies to agent polling where the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM account is used.

Note: If the application is created while a user account has insufficient permissions, some components may get disabled so there will be a need to re-enable them after granting permissions.


Last modified
22:45, 30 Nov 2016