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An unsupported version of the SAM database detected when installing or upgrading SAM

Created by Lori Krell, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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During an installation or upgrade of SAM, a test checked the version of your SAM database. The tests check the database version, tables, old data, and methods. You received a message indicating the current SAM database configuration and version is not supported.


Message during installation: "An unsupported version of the SAM Database has been detected. Continuing will result in the Configuration Wizard failing."


  • SAM 6.2.4


The installer runs tests to check the version and configuration of your SAM database before installing or upgrading SAM. If it is not supported, you receive this message.


Caution: Continuing with the Configuration Wizard will result in a failure.


We recommend contacting Support. Support staff can resolve the issue.


You can complete your installation or upgrade at that time. Tests will run again to verify the SAM database is supported and passes to complete the Configuration Wizard.




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02:42, 23 Jun 2016