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Alert when Exchange Database copies fail

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Updated: July 29, 2016


This article explains how to create an alert if the Exchange Database Copies are in a failed state. It assumes the Exchange server is already being monitored using the Appinsight for Exchange Application.


  • SAM version 6.1 and later
  • Exchange 2010 or 2013


1. Go to Settings > Manage Alerts.
2. Click Add Alert.
3. Give the Alert a name and click Next.
4. On the Trigger Conditions tab, set as follows:
- I want to alert on: "Appinsight for Exchange: Database Copy"
- The scope of Alert: All objects in my environment
- The actual trigger condition: "Appinsight for Exchange: Database Copy" "Display Content Index State" "is not equal to" "Healthy".
5. Click Next until you get to the Trigger Actions tab. 
6. Add the desired Actions and click next.
7. Click Next and Finish.

This should give you an Alert if a Database Copy is not in a Healthy state.



Last modified
20:27, 28 Jul 2016