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APM Release Notes 4.0.1

Table of contents

Version 4.0.1

  • A counter can no longer fail in such a way as to make remaining performance counter requests also fail.
  • The colored warning area in linear gauge graphics is now yellow instead of green.
  • HTTP-based monitors can now request compressed mode.
  • Performance Counter conversion utility will not fail if there is a missing @ViewID parameter.
  • Downloading APM template behind the proxy from now works properly.
  • HTTP/HTTPS component monitor search strings are not case-sensitive.
  • Windows Service monitor no longer reports domain user access denied error as "Generic Failure".
  • Calculating metrics for average availability has been fixed so there are no discrepancies between calculation methods.
  • Importing more than eight application templates in a single file does not result in a Web Console error about having exceeded the maximum message size quota.
  • Network Atlas no longer displays disabled components as "unknown" instead of hiding them.
  • APM's MAPI exe no longer crashes in OLMAPI32.DLL.
  • Application Health Overview pie chart image no longer disappears when applying a custom view limitation.
  • DHCP User Experience Monitor now works correctly using new "Sender Adapter IP Address (optional)" field to specify which of the available network adapters is used for the monitor.
  • Performance Counters monitor and retry logic: Fixed APM probes configuration file to include more PDH error codes for which retry logic should be applied.
  • File count monitor issue for incorrectly counting files in parent directory for a target directory has been resolved.
  • File count monitor now correctly compares share names.
  • Up-Unknown child status is no longer displayed for node with unmanaged applications.
  • Incorrect error is no longer displayed for stopped/disabled services.
  • Can now open "Component Statistics - Radial Gauges" header link.
  • BlackBerry Delivery Confirmation template has been updated with fixed script.
  • Main Menu Links are no longer broken after Storage component installation.
  • Charts for Component with enabled "Count As Difference" setting no longer display negative data values.
  • Improper event is no longer displayed when Application goes to Unreachable state.
  • HTTP/HTTPS Component Monitors are no longer failing.



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21:39, 30 Nov 2016