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Web Client Customization (Basic Branding)

Updated March 11th, 2016


Serv-U supports both basic branding (custom logo and some custom text) and advanced branding (custom CSS and templates) in its web and mobile client interfaces. These features are only available in Serv-U MFT.

This article covers BASIC branding. See KB #2054 for advanced branding.


  • Serv-U MFT, v. 12 and later


Applying a Custom Logo and Login Page Text

  1. Create or locate a custom logo image. The image must meet the following specifications:
    • Width: 400 pixels
    • Height: 100 pixels
    • Format: PNG, GIF, or JPG
  2. Open a browser, and then navigate to your Serv-U Web Client.
  3. Open the Serv-U Management Console, and then navigate to Domain Limits & Settings > Settings.
  4. In the HTTP Login Title Text field, type a short page title, such as "My Portal". This will be visible in your users' browser tabs.
  5. In the Custom Logo Path, browse to or type the path of your custom logo (created in step 1).
  6. In the HTTP Login Page Text field, write a message that all users will see before signing on. Use of HTML here is supported and encouraged. Hint: use "target='top'" attributes in links to launch pages in separate browser tabs.
  7. Do NOT fill in the HTTP Web Client Background (CSS Only) field. This works only if you have implemented custom HTML (as per KB #2054).
  8. Click Save.
  9. Press F5 to refresh your browser to see the new branding in your web client. 

Enabling/Disabling Other Features

The Web Client can also be customized by adding or removing features from the login page. Features that can be removed include the following:

  • Themes
  • Languages
  • Remember Me

To enable/disable these features, navigate to the Domain Limits & Settings > Limits menu, and then choose the HTTP limit type. Values highlighted in blue (typically, most values) are inherited from the server values.

To override these values:

  1. Click Add, and then select the appropriate limit from the Limit list.
  2. Select the checkbox to enable or disable the value.
  3. Click Save. The new value will appear on a WHITE background next to the existing BLUE value: the WHITE value overrides the BLUE value for this domain.

Note: The Password Recovery link is controlled by the Allow users to change password Password limit at the domain level, so it cannot be removed as an HTTP limit.

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