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Server responds with a "530 Not logged in" error

Updated April 27, 2017


This article addresses the issue where a server responds with a 530 Not logged in error.


All Serv-U versions


The 530 error is returned when your login information is incorrect. This error comes from your server and not from FTP Voyager.


Perform the appropriate action from the following options:

  • Contact your ISP or server administrator. This can happen when they change your password, when you forget your password, when your home directory is inaccessible, or when your account has been disabled.
  • Contact your FTP server administrator or check any material provided by your ISP to verify your login information.
  • If you can log in once but you are unable to transfer files, enable Connection Saver. Connection Saver uses only one login to transfer files. This will limit FTP Voyager's ability to browse while uploading or downloading.
    • For a single site profile, go to Advanced > Connection.
    • For all sites, go to View > Options > Connection.

If you need more information about this error, contact your FTP server administrator or ISP.



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