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Ratio free files

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Created by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret, last modified by Anthony.Rinaldi_ret on Jul 20, 2016

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Files listed in the ratio free file list are exempt from any imposed transfer ratios. In other words, if a user must upload files in order to earn credits towards downloading a file, a file that matches an entry in this list can always be downloaded by users, even if they have no current credits. This is commonly used to make special files, such as a readme or a directory information file, always accessible to users.

You can use the '*' and '?' wildcard characters when specifying a ratio free file. Using '*' specifies a wildcard of any kind of character and any length. For example, entering *.txt makes any file with a .txt extension free for download, regardless of the actual file name. A '?' can be used to represent a single character within the file name or directory. Finally, full paths can be specified by using standard directory paths such as C:\ftproot\common\ (on Windows) or /var/ftpfiles/shared/ (on Linux).

In addition, full or relative paths can be used when making an entry. If a full path is used when specifying a file name, only that specific file is exempt from transfer ratios. If a relative path is used, such as entering only readme.txt, the provided file is exempt from transfer ratios regardless of the directory it is located in.

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11:04, 20 Jul 2016