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SMTP configuration

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Configure an SMTP connection to send email for events which are configured to use email actions.

You can configure SMTP on the server or domain level, or both. SMTP configuration at the domain level can be inherited from the server level. The SMTP configuration dialog is located in the Events tab on the Domain Details and Server Details pages.

Click Configure SMTP to launch the dialog.

Test the SMTP configuration

  1. Click Send Test Email.
  2. In the Send Test Email window, specify the email address where you want to send the test email to, and click Send. Optionally, you can edit the subject and content of the test message.
  3. If the email was sent successfully, click OK on the confirmation window to save your SMTP configuration, or click No to return to the SMTP Configuration window.

If an error occurs at any stage of the configuration test, Serv-U returns one of the following error messages in the SMTP error window:

Error message Explanation
SMTP connection failed. Please check your SMTP server and port settings. The most common reason for the SMTP connection to fail is an invalid SMTP server address or port number. Verify that these details are correct.
Unable to send message due to authorization error. Please check user name and password.

The connection to the server is successful, but the provided user name, password, or both is incorrect.

The error can also occur if incorrect server and port settings are specified, but the specified server is listening on the specified port.

Unable to send message due to recipient error. Please check that recipient email address is valid. The connection to the server is successful, but the email address provided in the To Email Address field of the Send Test Email window is not valid.
Unable to send a message. Please try again later. The connection to the server is successful, but an unspecified error occurred while sending the test email.
SMTP communication failed. Ensure that SMTP server settings are correct, and that the SMTP server is up and running. An unspecified error occurred. Check your SMTP connection details, and try the test again.
Timeout while contacting SMTP server. Please check that the SMTP server address is correct. The connection to the SMTP server timed out.
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