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Run FTP Voyager Scheduler as a system service

Updated April 25, 2017


This article explains how to run FTP Voyager Scheduler as a system service.


All Serv-U versions


FTP Voyager Scheduler can be configured to run as a system service using the FTP Voyager Scheduler tray icon.

  1. Log in to Windows and right-click the FTP Voyager Scheduler tray to display the tray icons. If the tray is not visible, go to Start > All Programs > FTP Voyager Scheduler.
  2. Select "Start Scheduler as Service" to stop FTP Voyager Scheduler, install it as a system service and start it under the new context.
    Context menu for FTP Voyager Scheduler Tray

FTP Voyager and earlier

FTP Voyager Scheduler and earlier can be configured to run as a system service by selecting the option under View > Options > General > Run as a System Service. 

Note: If you did not select this option at installation, you will need to uninstall and reinstall FTP Voyager for this option to work. Back up your FTP Voyager settings before performing this step. Refer to Back up and restore FTP Voyager.

View | Options | General

View | Options | General




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20:15, 24 Apr 2017