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Windows User Account Control (UAC) compatibility issues with Serv-U

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Updated March 31, 2017


This article gives an overview of known UAC compatibility issues. 


All Serv-U versions


Newer versions of Windows have been known to cause issues with older versions of RhinoSoft applications, including: FTP Voyager, Serv-U, and AllegroSurf. This is due to how the UAC security system in Windows Vista and Windows 7 prevents some applications from communicating internally during normal processes such as software installation, software registration, and software startup (when running as a system service). If you notice strange behavior during these stages, the best first step is to update to the latest version of the product - current versions of all RhinoSoft products have been adjusted to be compatible with Windows UAC. If this does not work, please contact RhinoSoft Technical Support.


Known UAC compatibility issues

  • DNS4Me Client: If DNS4Me is installed as a service and UAC is enabled, DNS4Me will crash during the Vista startup process. To resolve this, disable UAC.
  • FTP Voyager: If UAC is active, FTP Voyager registration cannot complete. To resolve this, disable UAC or run FTP Voyager as an administrator when you are updating registration IDs.

    Right click, Run as Administrator

  • FTP Voyager Scheduler: If UAC is active, FTP Voyager Scheduler cannot interact with the desktop to obtain necessary configuration files and site profile information. To resolve this issue, disable UAC or follow these steps:
    1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\\FTP Voyager.
    2. Right click FVScheduler.exe and select Properties.
    3. Go to the Compatibility tab, and select Run this program as an administrator.

      Run as admin
    4. Click OK, and reboot your computer.
    5. When prompted, choose to run the application.

      App blocked

      App blocked

    If it is only necessary to run FTP Voyager Scheduler as an application and not as a service, you can delete the FTP Voyager Scheduler Tray icon from the Startup folder under Windows Menu > All Programs, and then move the FTP Voyager Scheduler shortcut from Windows Menu > All Programs > FTP Voyager into that folder.




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