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Serv-U showing the error Could not retrieve directory listing

Created by Pamela Pineda, last modified by Albert.Cerezo on Feb 27, 2019

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The error below appears when the passive ports are blocked in the network firewall or not configured in Serv-U and it can be both. Please follow the resolution below to see if it's properly configured.


Could not retrieve directory listing.


Serv-U FTP and MFT version 15


When you do a directory listing, you use the data connection. Data connection port varies depending on the mode used. The recommended mode to be used is the passive mode and the passive ports should be defined in Serv-U and also on the network firewall.


  1. Open your Serv-U Management Console and go to the Server Settings tab under Server Limits & Settings. (Do not go to your Domain-level Limits & Settings.) 
  2. Scroll down to Network Settings panel. Fill in a value for the "PASV Port Range". (We recommend starting with 50000-50009; you can use a narrower port range if you never hit simultaneous transfers; use a wider port range if you support more simultaneous transfers). 
  3. Click Save in the Network Settings panel.
  4. To test, connect to Serv-U using an FTP client that is set up to use passive mode. Connect to the server from outside your firewall, attempt several directory listings and transfers, and make sure passive transfers work.


Note: Make sure that you also open the passive ports on your network firewall.


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