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Serv-U high availability listeners

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Created by Craig O’ Neill, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article describes the port configurations for high availability in Serv-U MFT.


All Serv-U MFT versions


Serv-U Server #1 - define these listeners on EACH Serv-U Gateway:

  • 10021: FTP and explicit SSL/TLS
  • 10022: SFTP using SSH
  • 10080: HTTP
  • 10443: HTTPS (SSL encrypted HTTP)
  • 10990: Implicit FTPS (SSL/TLS)
  • ALSO: Set your FTP passive port range to 10500-10509 (on "Server Settings | Network Settings")


Serv-U Server #2 - define these listeners on EACH Serv-U Gateway:

  • 20021: FTP and explicit SSL/TLS
  • 20022: SFTP using SSH
  • 20080: HTTP
  • 20443: HTTPS (SSL encrypted HTTP)
  • 20990: Implicit FTPS (SSL/TLS)
  • ALSO: Set your FTP passive port range to 20500-20509


Load Balancer - define the following service pools:

  • 21 (FTP and explicit SSL/TLS): Assign to ports 10021 and 20021 on each Gateway (4 ports in all)
  • 22 (SFTP using SSH): Assign to ports 10022 and 20022 on each Gateway
  • 80 (HTTP): Assign to ports 10080 and 20080 on each Gateway
  • 443 (HTTPS (SSL encrypted HTTP)): Assign to ports 10443 and 20443 on each Gateway
  • 990 (Implicit FTPS (SSL/TLS)): Assign to ports 10990 and 20990 on each Gateway
  • 10500-10509 (Serv-U #1's passive FTP ports): Assign to ports 10500-10509 on each Gateway (requires "sticky sessions" as described below)
  • 20500-20509 (Serv-U #2's passive FTP ports): Assign to ports 20500-20509 on each Gateway
  • Also set "sticky sessions" (all connections from the same IP source address will be sent to the same destination) on 21 (FTP and explicit SSL/TLS) and 990 (Implicit FTPS (SSL/TLS)).




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