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LDAP security settings not taking effect to the group

Updated November 1, 2017


This article describes how Serv-U checks the security group for group settings.


  • Serv-U MFT version 15 or higher





The user is placed in "OU2". The Security Group is placed in the same OU. During authentication, Serv-U takes the OU then all security groups. In this case, the order would be:


1. OU1 - OU2
2. OU1 - OU2 - Security Group


Serv-U takes the first match from the list. In this case, the first match is the OU. Because OU is configured in Serv-U there is a good match and we apply rules from OU2. 


The goal is to use the Security Group. To make it work you can't have user and security group in the same OU. Let's say the user is in a different OU named "OU-X". "OU-X" is not configured in Serv-U. Then the list of known groups taken from the server would be:


1.OU1 - OU2 - OU-X
2.OU1 - OU2 - Security Group


The first group is not configured in Serv-U, so we will skip it.
The second one (which is a security group) is configured in Serv-U, so we have a match and will apply the rules for this Security Group.


You can, of course, have a user in OU which is configured in Serv-U but please make sure the user and the security group are not in the same OU. In this case, also order in the three does matter.




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