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File sharing in Serv-U

Created by Interspire Import, last modified by Nigel on May 01, 2017

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This article discusses how to send and receive files using Serv-U's file sharing feature.


Serv-U V.15 MFT and later.


Send files to a guest

  1. Log in to the Serv-U Web Console.
  2. Select File Sharing.
  3. Click Send Files.
  4. Enter the following details when sending files to a guest user:
    • Guest email address
    • Subject title
    • Your contact information
  5. Set an expiration date for when the link to upload files will expire. 90 days is the maximum time for link availability. 
    You can be notified when files have been downloaded, send a download link in the email, set file size limits, and require a password to access Serv-U.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the files to be sent. Upload up to 20 files in one file share. Each file must be under 2 GB in size.
  8. Click Upload.


  9. Verify details in the Upload Confirmation page and click Done.
    Note: End users may request files from other people by sending email invites with options to have share expirations dates and password protections. Guests automatically receive a notification inviting them to send files, and the end user will get additional notifications as files are sent.

Request files from a guest

The Request Files Wizard allows you to receive a file from someone by sending a link to a page, where she or he can easily upload to it.

The user will receive a link, via email, that grants them access to upload files. For added security, enter the following information to set the page link expiration and add file constraints and restrictions. 

  • User's email address
  • Subject title
  • Your contact information
  • Set an expiration date for when the link to upload files will expire. 90 days is the maximum time for link availability.
    You can be notified when the files have been uploaded and sent a copy of upload link email, set file size limits, and require a password protection.


View All files sent or requested

The dashboard allows you to see a summary of all the files sent or requested. 

  • Click View All Requested or View All Sent displays an overview of files sent/received, dates, recipients and when they expire.
  • To remove a file from the list, click delete.

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