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Configure Serv-U and Serv-U gateway

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Created by John Wallace, last modified by Alexis Pasao on Sep 21, 2018

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Updated September 21, 2018



This article provides brief information and steps to resolve the issue when the Serv-U server cannot access the Serv-U Gateway.



Make sure that you meet the following requirements so that Serv-U Server can communicate with Serv-U Gateway:

  • Port 1180 must be open on Serv-U Gateway so that Serv-U can access the Gateway.
  • If Serv-U Gateway only has a public IP address, add the IP address of Serv-U to the CIDR text file of the Gateway, so that the Gateway can accept connections from Serv-U.
  • Verify that Serv-U and Serv-U Gateway have IP addresses which can communicate with each other.

The following setups are supported:

  • Serv-U with Public IP --> Gateway with Public IP with CIDR
  • Serv-U with Private IP --> Gateway with Public IP with CIDR
  • Serv-U with Private IP --> Gateway with Private IP

The following setup is not supported:

  • Serv-U with Public IP --> Gateway with Private IP

The following image shows an example configuration if you use one Gateway for two Serv-U servers:





  • Serv-U listeners: DMZ IP D:80
  • Serv-U listeners: DMZ IP D:81


  • Port forwarding from Public IP F:80 to DMZ IP D:80
  • Port forwarding from Public IP F:81 to DMZ IP D:81

According to the IANA definition, the following ranges are private IP addresses:

  • - (10/8 prefix)
  • - (172.16/12 prefix)
  • - (192.168/16 prefix)


If using a NAT:

Normally the entries on the Serv-U gateway set-up will have the same IP which is an internal IP.

For example, gw ip:, then the public IP will be if that is the same NAT IP.

Then on the listener's same thing, use the internal IP if needed.

 Rework comments:  Customer provided this feedback on the article above. Please review and update the article as needed. Thanks Mindy

"Port 1180 is called out as required for the Serv-U s=MFT to access the Serv-U Gateway but then the diagram further down the page does not have any entries for it."

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