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Antivirus vendors list Serv-U as a virus

Updated April 27, 2017


Various antivirus vendors have listed Serv-U as a potentially unwanted application, as a virus, a Trojan horse, different names for types of malware, or a software that can damage your system. The following files are normally
detected as malware and are vital for Serv-U to function:

  • serv-U.exe (for Serv-U 7.x and later)
  • servUDaemon.exe (for Serv-U 6.x and earlier) : FTP engine used in Serv-U
  • servUAdmin.exe (for Serv-U 6.x and earlier): administrative interface for Serv-U
  • susetup.exe: Serv-U installer

The following vendors have listed these Serv-U files as a malware:


All Serv-U versions


Serv-U needs to be reinstalled if it has been damaged by an antivirus program and if the files can no longer be recovered. It can be reinstalled on top of the previous installation, and all the previous settings will be saved.
We have been unsuccessful in negotiating the removal of Serv-U from the detection lists of many antivirus vendors.
However, we are continuing to work with them to have Serv-U removed as a false positive. As a workaround, the solution is to add Serv-U to the Exceptions list of the antivirus program so that it is not deleted or damaged. It is also recommended to report these false positives to your antivirus vendors to encourage them to take action. If you find that your antivirus software is detecting Serv-U as a virus but is not listed here, please contact SolarWinds Support.

Configure McAfee VirusScan to ignore Serv-U

Use the following guidelines to configure McAfee VirusScan to ignore Serv-U as a virus:

Location of option in McAfee

Location of option in McAfee

Screenshots property of © 2017 McAfee LLC.

Alternative antivirus vendors

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