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Date and time path name variables in FTP Voyager Scheduler

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Updated April 20, 2017


FTP Voyager Scheduler allows local and remote paths (file and folder names) to contain variables that can uniquely identify file or folder paths. These variables may be used anywhere within the remote and/or local file or folder paths. This article provides a list of variables that can be used when executing an action.


  • All Serv-U versions
  • All FTP Voyager versions





The abbreviated weekday name


The full weekday name


The abbreviated month name


The full month name


The date and time representation appropriate for the locale

%d The day of the month in decimal number (01 to 31)
%H The hour in 24-hour format (00 to 23)
%I The hour in 12-hour format (01 to 12)
%j The day of the year in decimal number (001 to 366)
%m The month in decimal number (01 to 12)
%M The minutes in decimal number (00 to 59)
%p The current locale A.M. or P.M. indicator for a 12-hour clock
%S The seconds in decimal number (00 to 59)
%U The week of the year in decimal number, with Sunday as the first day of the week (00 to 53)
%w The weekday in decimal number (0 to 6, where Sunday is 0)
%W The week of the year in decimal number, with Monday as the first day of the week (00 to 53)
%x The date representation for the current locale
%X The time representation for the current locale
%y The year without the century in decimal number (00 to 59)
%Y The year with the century in decimal number
%z, %Z The time zone name or abbreviation. There will be no characters if the time zone is unknown
%% The percent sign

C:\BACKUP\%m-%d-%Y %H-%M-%S\
C:\BACKUP\%m-%d-%Y \



  • The variables above are case sensitive. In addition, certain special characters cannot be used as part of the folder name.
  • These variables are ignored if used with the Run External Program action.


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22:11, 19 Apr 2017