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Access as Windows User option

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Created by Pamela Pineda, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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This article provides information on how to use the Access as Windows User option specially when files are on the external server and stored across the network (using UNC path).


Serv-U 15.x


It is possible to configure the Serv-U File Server service to run under a network account in order to access external servers by UNC path. The alternative, preferred when many servers exist or if the Serv-U File Server service needs to run under Local System for security reasons is to configure a Directory Access rule to use a specific Windows User for file access. By using the "Access as Windows User" on the Advanced button of the Directory Access Rule tab, it is possible to specify a specific Windows user for each individual Directory Access rule. Just like in Windows Authentication, directory access is subject to NTFS permissions, though in this case also to the configured permissions in Serv-U.

Check the following before using this feature:

  • Server where Serv-U is installed is part of the domain.
  • Server where the UNC path (\\servername\folder\) is located is also part of the domain.
  • The account that you will be using in the "Access as Windows User" should have permission on both the servers (domain account).
  • Computer account should not be used to prevent permission issue.


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02:33, 23 Jun 2016