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Reusable content - InfoDev

This is a page that Infodev reusable content can be created off of so that it is safe and all held in one location.


If you have questions about any items in this section, please contact Erin S or Caroline J prior to deleting or modifying.


Third-Party Licensing List

Third-Party Licensing WIP

Scalability Engine Guidelines

TOC - CSS topic that you can reuse so that if you are non-admin, it remains in your topic.

CSS - Modified styles to make InfoDev content more readable in MindTouch.

JavaScript - Styles and code for accordion drop-downs, image enlargement modals, and tabbed interfaces.

KB1888 - Styles and code for the article "Compatibility of SolarWinds Orion products for installation and upgrade and End of Life Support".

Tech Content Icons

Notes and warnings - reusable notes and warnings

Show reuse list - code you can copy paste into reuse topics to see topics with a deki connection.

2017 legal notice - for deki-ing into release notes.

2018 legal notice - for deki-ing into release notes.

2019 legal notice - for deki-ing into release notes.

HotFix Dekis

Orion Core topic indicators

Video Pages

Important! Only ADMINS should add videos to these pages. Anyone can deki the videos into their Mindtouch articles or Flare docs.

Info Dev Videos  - all general videos, may be used by other groups too

Videos -  Getting Started - videos for the getting started guides

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