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WSUS server error: Failed to send partitioned task to automation server

Updated July 20th, 2017


When you open the Patch Manager Admin Console, maximize Enterprise > Update Services, select a WSUS server, and browse events, the following error displays: 

Source: EminentWare.UI.Controls
Exception occurred at date_time
Source: Data Grid Server( Server name)
Reason: Failed to send partitioned task to automation server <Server Name>. Reason: rpcclient::createsession() failed. Access Denied. Message: Communication Failure.
Details: dgsrpcinterface::createsession failed
Object: <Server name>
Object Type: WSUS server.


Patch Manager 2.1.3 with one or more separate Automation Server roles.


The MSSQL server is down or the SQL Instance is not running.

Each Patch Manager installation uses its own Microsoft® SQL Server database for all server roles, including Primary Application Server (PAS), Automation Server, and Management Server.


Ensure that:

  • The Microsoft SQL Server database server and the SQL instance are running properly.
  • The EminentWare database is accessible to the EminentWare DataGrid Server Service (EWDGS) service account.

If these steps do not solve the problem, consider reinstalling the WSUS server and Automation Server roles on the problem server. 

Reinstalling the WSUS Server and Automation Server will delete your data. 



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