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WSUS Extension Pack for Patch Manager

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Updated May 12, 2017


This article provides information on the features in the WSUS Extension Pack for Patch Manager.



  • All Patch Manager versions
  • All DameWare versions


Here are the features included in Patch Manager's WSUS Extension Pack:

  • It now has an Extended Inventory Reporting including approved updates only.
  • There is now a discovery and identification of rogue machines on the network.
  • It forces real-time download and installation of updates from the Update server.
  • It applies Windows Update Local Policy Settings to one or more machines.
  • There are Advanced Shutdown, Reboot and Wake-on-LAN capabilities.
  • It features a force refresh of Group Policy on machines.
  • There is now an automated scheduling of WSUS cleanup.
  • It includes a repair or forced re-install of the Windows Update Agent.
  • It locally publishes updates to enable third-party updates.
  • It features a flexible computer grouping and management.
  • The extension pack features Granular Approval Delegation of the Update management process.
  • It has a view or report on client and server configurations and update history and status.
  • It can create custom reports via a report builder.


For more information, see Deploy & manage 3rd party patches and applications. (© 2011 Microsoft Corporation, available at, obtained on 2017.) 


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