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Update not available error message in Patch Manager


The following error message displays in the Patch Manager console:

This update is not applicable to your computer.


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The following table lists the causes for this error message. See Microsoft KB 3057448 for details (© 2017 Microsoft Corporation, available at, obtained on December 5, 2017).

Cause Description
The update is superseded

The update was replaced by a newer update that is currently installed on the system. 

The update is currently installed The update was previously installed by another update that carried the same payload.
Wrong update for architecture The update does not match your CPU architecture. Updates are published by CPU architecture. 
Missing prerequisite update

The update requires a prerequisite update before it can be installed on the system. 

For example, KB 2919355 must be installed on Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 computers before many of the updates that were released after April 2014 can be installed.


  1. Log in to the Patch Manager Administrator Console. 
  2. In the navigation menu, expand Administration and Reporting > Software Publishing. 
  3. Select the targeted vendor.
  4. In the center pane, select a package.
  5. Click the tabs at the bottom of the screen to review the prerequisite, applicability, and installed rules. 


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