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Update Management Task failing due to Exclusive Update

Updated November 17, 2016


This article addresses an issue where Update Management fails due to an Exclusive update. 

An Exclusive update is an update that must be installed individually, outside of a batch of other updates. Typically this includes updates such as operating system service packs, .NET Framework service packs and redistributables, and updates to the Component-Based Servicing Stack.


All Patch Manager versions


By default, Patch Manager fails an Update Management task with multiple updates that include an Exclusive Update, as shown below. 


Single Exclusive update:

Create a new Update Management task and select another option.

The first of three options installs all updates and ignores the Exclusive Update. The second of three options installs only the Exclusive Update and ignore the other applicable updates.


Multiple Exclusive update:

If there are more than on exclusive update detected by the client in same task, then make sure decline the oldest one(refer to the MS KB for the update to find which one supersedes which) and approve the latest KB that superseded the oldest exclusive update. Ex: Decline KB4088825 as it is superseded by KB4093432


If you still cannot resolve the issue, contact SolarWinds Support. 



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