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Unable to provision WSUS for publishing: error STATUS_WAIT_1

Created by Brandon Painter, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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Unable to run the Provision WSUS Server For Publishing Wizard on a new WSUS server or a WSUS server without a WSUS cert store. It fails with following error message:

The provisioning process is complete. handleremoteinstallation() failed to install the WMI providers. Process exit code:: 0x1 Message: STATUS_WAIT_1


You can verify WSUS issues in two ways:

  • Attempt to load the native WSUS console on the server and see if it is running.
  • Run a checkhealth on the WSUS server.


The first method involves opening the WSUS console directly on the server. If it loads with no errors in the application and within the application event logs, then proceed with the second method by using the wsusutil tool.


The wsusutil  tool is located in the WSUS installed directory, typically C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools. Navigate to that directory through a CMD prompts as local admin, then run this command:



If it completes, verify the Application Event Logs on the server. Indications of problems with the WSUS server would look like the following:




Failures for the WSUS server can range across the board, from wsuscontent directory being invalid, to WID (Windows Internal Database) being corrupted.


  • All Patch Manager versions
  • All WSUS versions


This issue is because of a problem with the WSUS installation and\or the WSUS certification service (WSUSCertServer). When the Patch Manager application attempts to have a self-signed certificate created, it also needs to create a WSUS certificate stored on the server. If there are any issues with WSUS, the WSUSCertServer does not stay running when called or there is corruption within the WSUS server, then the certificate cannot be created and stored.


Reinstall WSUS on to the server to ensure its fresh installation. 


Once the WSUS server is running and passes a wsusutil checkhealth, then you should be able to publish the certificate to the server correctly.

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