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Unable to import files using Patch Manager Package Assistant


One of the following errors display when importing the correct source file from Download Assistant:

  • Invalid File Name
  • The file that was selected does not match the name in the package. Select another file that matches
  • Invalid Checksum


Patch Manager 2.1


  1. Go to the package.
  2. Open Software Publishing > Catalog and select the target update.
  3. Right-click the package and select Edit. 

  4. When the Package Wizard opens, click Next.

  5. On the PreRequisite rules screen, click Next.

  6. When the Package Assistant dialog box appears, click OK.

  7. On the Package Download Assistant screen, click Cancel.

  8. Click Yes in the Information window.

  9. On the Select Package page, select the I already have the content for the package locally on my network option. 
  10. Click Browse and navigate to the page.
    Click Yes to confirm and if it asks you that the checksum do not match.

  11. Click Next on the Applicability Rules, Installed Rules, and Summary screens.
  12. Click OK in the Complete message.

You can now publish the package to your WSUS server.

If a notification displays stating that the checksum or file is different, ignore the message and continue with the prompts to import the file. 


Last modified
11:43, 19 May 2017