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Table of status icons for the Patch Manager console

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Created by Interspire Import, last modified by MindTouch on Jun 23, 2016

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The following table displays the status icons in the Patch Manager console, along with a brief description of each. The Object column indicates the type of object that is related to the icon.

Icon Object Status Description
icon_taskcompleted.png Task Completed
icon_taskrunning.png Task Running
icon_monthly_task.png Scheduled Task Occurs monthly
icon_weekly_task.png Scheduled Task Occurs weekly
icon_disabled_task.png Scheduled Task Disabled task
icon_saved_task.png Scheduled/Saved Task Saved task or task that occurs daily or weekly
icon_opfailed.png Operation Failed
icon_opsuccess.png Operation Succeeded
icon_synchsuccess.png Synchronization Succeeded
icon_synchrunning.png Synchronization Running
icon_synchfailed.png Synchronization Failed
icon_wkstnnoissues.png Managed Workstation No issues
icon_wkstnconnfail.png Managed Workstation Connectivity failure
icon_wkstnconnopfailed.png Managed Workstation Connected, but some operation failed
icon_servernoissues.png Managed Server No issues
icon_serverconnfail.png Managed Server Connectivity failure
icon_serverconnopfailed.png Managed Server Connected, but some operation failed
icon_3puppack.png 3rd Party Package Package
icon_3pupwpackboot.png 3rd Party Package Using package boot
icon_3pupeditable.png 3rd Party Package Editable
icon_3pupreadonly.png 3rd Party Package Read only
icon_3pupdownloaded.png 3rd Party/WSUS Package Content downloaded
icon_3pupmissing.png 3rd Party/WSUS Package Missing content
icon_3pupsuperseding.png 3rd Party/WSUS Package Is superseding
icon_3pupsuperseded.png 3rd Party/WSUS Package Is superseded
icon_3pupsuperseding2.png 3rd Party/WSUS Package Is superseding and superseded
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