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Resolve server certificate errors in Patch Manager

Updated October 11, 2016


This article provides brief information and steps to resolve a certificate error.


All Patch Manager versions



  1. Verify the Private Key permissions on the EminentWare CA and EminentWare Server certificate's private keys.
    1. Open the Microsoft Certificate Console (mmc) snap-in for the local computers certificate store. 
    2. Dragging and dropping the EminentWare CA and EminentWare Server certificates into the Personal store from the Trusted Root Publishers certificate store.
    3. Right-click on each cert in turn and selecting All Tasks->Manage Private Keys insure the EminentWare DataGrid Server service account has full control to the private key.
    4. Give the account full control and copy the updated cert back to the Trusted Root Publishers certificate store by dragging and dropping.
    5. If the permissions needed updating, verify if the the permission changes have helped, if not continue with the steps below.
  2. Insure the account configured to start the EminentWare DataGrid Server service is set in the form DOMAIN\AccountName.
  3. If the above steps haven't helped, run the following command on your server to re-create your certificates and repair the certificate private key file access control list: 

C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Patch Manager\server\setuphelper.exe /provisionserver /type primary 

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14:53, 16 Nov 2016